Derek O’Brien

Mr. O'Brien is one of Wilson Learning Corporation's most respected facilitators in the areas of
Leadership/ Change, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Conflict Resolution and Cross Cultural
Effectiveness. His many clients span a diverse range of industries including High Tech Manufacturing,
Banking, Leisure Sales, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.
His major focus over the past 10 years has been the facilitation of change and preparing and guiding
management through the interpersonal and corporate challenges faced in the rapidly changing
business environment. His core competency is the ability to combine leading edge theory with the
practical knowledge he has amassed during 40+ years in executive management to ensure maximum
advantage for his clients.
A sample comment from a CEO whose company was experiencing challenges brought on by the
economic down‐turn was "Derek this is indeed a time when our leadership skills are tested. Thanks to
you and Wilson Learning we are all better prepared to deal with change".
Mr. O'Brien has a long and distinguished career in general management with specific focus on
Managing Change. His international career has spanned over 40 years and has covered four
continents where he worked in senior executive positions in the aviation industry in Ireland/UK, The
Former Soviet Union; Thailand/Hong Kong; USA and North Africa.
In Russia and the Former Soviet Union, Mr. O'Brien has worked with emerging companies in the
Aviation, Airport and Steel and Oil industry. He has also managed a number of European Union
Turnaround Management Programmes in Eastern Europe.
Mr. O'Brien also has been guest speaker at a number of international conferences and workshops
including those of the "International Project Management Organisation", "Otto Bock International"
and Safmarine Shipping.
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